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Algo AMC 1

The objective of Algo AMC 1 is to achieve long-term capital growth in all market conditions by applying an algorithmic-based multi-strategy approach to digital assets spot and derivatives trading. By deploying algorithmic trading, the strategies achieve exceptional timing in asset allocation and a quick adaptation of investment decisions, which is crucial, especially in the cryptocurrency markets. The setup provides secure exposure to the new investment class of digital assets with the flexibility and accessibility of a traditional structured product, an Actively Managed Certificate (AMC). 
The AMC is accessible through a Swiss ISIN and paying agent with your securities bank account. It has no lockup or fixed holding period. Trading orders for the secondary market are processed upon request. Proceeds of the sale of underlyings may be re-invested or partially redeemed according to the investment guidelines.  
The investment strategy is implemented and curated by Ammer Capital AG, a Swiss asset management company and the family office of technology entrepreneurs with a strong focus on digital asset management. Like Digital Waves, Ammer Capital is an SRO member of VQF.
Asset Class Blockchain / Crypto
Liquidity High Liquidity (up to 1 month)
Goal Capital Appreciation
Theme Megatrends, Digital Assets
Product Type:Structured Product (AMC), Swiss ISIN
Indicative Target Size 1’000’000 USD
Maturity Open end


Investment Strategies

The ‘Ammer Digital - Algo AMC 1’ strategy components are actively trading the top market-cap cryptocurrencies and its derivatives, reflecting the following highlights: 
MULTI-STAGE STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT: Each of the strategies of the portfolio underwent several development, deployment and test phases before being included to the product.  

RISK MANAGEMENT ON STRATEGY AND PORTFOLIO LEVEL: No single strategy has a position of more than 50% and less than 2% in the total portfolio. Take-loss and take-profit positions are set individually for each strategy. Within portfolio strategies limitations by the size of position and stop-losses are in place. All strategies are also continuously optimized to run on automated mode with appropriate emergency measures in place.  

SUCCESSFUL TRACK RECORD: Proprietary live trading of the strategies has shown significant performance in up and down market situations.  

EXPERIENCED TEAM: The product will be issued by TPB Issuer Ltd., compiled by Digital Waves and Ammer Digital of Ammer Capital AG. The strategy management will be conducted by analysts, quantitative researchers, and developers of Ammer Digital’s experienced trading team.