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DeFi – Liquid Vision

DeFi - Liquid Vision offers investors diversified exposure and long-term gains from the growth of decentralised finance. This AMC is partially rules-based and partially actively managed. It aims to invest in liquid opportunities from the DeFi space, such as the most valuable DeFi tokens, the most promising newcomers, and DeFi specific investment possibilities.  
DeFi - Liquid Vision is accessible via a bankable instrument (Security with Swiss ISIN), which allows investing directly via your traditional securities deposit bank account. 
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Asset Class DeFi
Liquidity High Liquidity (up to 1 month)
Goal Capital Appreciation
Theme Megatrends, Digital Assets
Product typeAMC, Basket, Swiss ISIN
Min. Investment:US$ 10.000
Maturity:Open end

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Investment Highlights

EMERGING MEGATREND: Exposure to innovative digital assets, as one of the major emerging economic and technology megatrends. 

HIGH-GROWTH ASSETS: Invest in decentralized finance, the next FinTech revolution and one of the fastest growing segments in the crypto space.  

UNIQUE INVESTMENT APPROACH:  Balanced diversification through a rule-based and de-risked basket of the most important DeFi token and most promising newcomers.

SECURE ACCESS: Possibility of portfolio diversification through the inclusion of this new asset class via a bankable instrument (security with Swiss ISIN), which allows to invest directly in fiat currency and via a traditional securities deposit account. 

What are tokens?

Why DeFi?

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is a blockchain-based ecosystem that creates financial products and services that provide an alternative to traditional finance. DeFi offers solutions for borrowing and lending, exchanges, asset management, and payment, among others, all fast, open to everyone, and independent of control by an intermediary. 

The triple-digit billion-dollar DeFi market has seen tremendous growth since 2019 (the total value of locked-in DeFi grew 720% year-over-year in 2021 alone). 2022 is expected to be a pivotal year for DeFi. Advances in security and compliance and adoption by institutional investors promise long-term growth opportunities.

A Crypto-Valley Partnership

The DeFi Liquid Vision portfolio strategy is actively managed by Digital Waves and advised by crypto experts from Decentralized Finance AG. This partnership makes DeFi accessible to qualified investors with innovative investment strategies.
Digital Waves makes innovative assets in the technology space accessible. Digital Waves accomplishes this by securitizing assets - from the equity of disruptive start- ups to the latest crypto token - through actively managed certificates (AMC) and digital assets related investment services. Digital Wave Assets AG, the company behind Digital Waves, is a privately owned financial intermediary based in Zug, Switzerland and regulated by VQF, a FINMA-supervised organization (member no.100751).
Decentralized Finance AG is a privately owned financial service provider based in Switzerland. Decentralized Finance AG is equally rooted in traditional banking and the crypto economy, making it ideally positioned to combine the best of both worlds. Decentralized Finance AG is committed to broad acceptance through simple and user-friendly services of this new and still young technology.

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