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Press |10.08.2021

Invest in Apotheka Systems and Other Deep Tech Innovators

August 10, 2021 -- Apotheka Systems announced that is proud to join the newly launched the “SVBS1 - Disruptive Tech Portfolio” Actively Managed Certificate (AMC), an innovative investment vehicle that securitizes a unique selection of top-tier global early-stage companies leveraging AI, Blockchain and the Internet of Things across industries and markets.

Investment in early stage innovators has been mostly accessible only to large venture capital funds. The SVBS1 - Disruptive Tech Portfolio (AMC) changes this.

The SVBS1 - Disruptive Tech Portfolio is a structured product, accessible through a Swiss ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) and paying agent to qualified, institutional and professional investors (except investors from the US and UK) through a simple bank transaction, with low thresholds and no fixed holding or lockup period. However, a corresponding solution, which would also allow investments by people in the U.S., is currently being developed.

Apotheka is a SaaS solution that decentralizes medical records on a secure Ethereum Blockchain ecosystem. Apotheka Systems is leveraging Blockchain and AI technologies to build new age digital health solutions to elevate patient care experience in any given healthcare setting throughout their patient journey.

If you would like to learn more on how to invest or should have any questions regarding our product, contact us here

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