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About us

Digital Waves is a financial services provider and investment manager beyond the ussual. We manage traditional discretionary portfolios, but offer diversification with access to the future economy. We also securitize innovative assets and provide this service to other asset managers.

We do this through our issuer platform, securitizing assets from public to private market asset classes. We may give access to funds structures or special investment products, such as actively managed certificates (AMC), Credit Linked Notes (CLN) or simple trackers. Digital Waves provides services ranging from idea to structuring, issuance, lifecycle management and even brokerage of an evolving range of assets.
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Digital Waves is run by Digital Wave Assets AG, a privately owned financial intermediary based in Switzerland and regulated by VQF’s SRO, a regulatory body recognized by FINMA. 

We provide our services in partnerships with best-in-class players. These include banks, brokers, an issuer platform, structuring and securitization specialists, legal and financial experts, marketing people, VCs, asset managers, fund companies and a tech and trading team.

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