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Digital Waves’ Investment Services 

Rooted in the Swiss banking tradition and at home in the global fintech ecosystems, Digital Waves offers the following evolving range of services: 

  • Structuring of Investment Products: Digital Waves offers you an end-to-end service platform that enables you to securitise a wide range of assets and strategies. Digital Waves advises on the development of the investment strategies and the most suitable set-up. We facilitate structured products, such as Actively Managed Certificates (AMC), Credit Linked Notes (CLN) or Trackers, issued with Swiss-ISIN and paying agent. We may also assist you in setting up a regulated fund structure. 

  • Marketing and Distribution: Digital Waves offers you investment product-related marketing services and advice on distribution. We cover the development of product marketing material (e.g. product factsheets and presentations), client education (e.g. blog articles), digital marketing (e.g., featuring the product in the newsletters, or targeted Social Media campaigns) and product placement & distribution through a network of partners. 

  • Asset Management: Digital Waves discretionally manages your assets with bespoke investment portfolios according to individual objectives. You may also choose a model portfolio which best suits your risk profile. In doing so, Digital Waves brings expertise, particularly in alternative and innovative asset classes and how such an addition to an existing portfolio may have a positive impact.

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Digital Waves’ Investment Services