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Product Example - Rainforest CO2 Reduction (CLN)

This investment product offers the opportunity to participate in the preservation of rainforest, a unique and attractive ESG project in Paraguay. The Credit Linked Note (CLN) pays a fixed return of 7.5% per annum plus a 'kicker-payment' at maturity. The investments finance the purchase of 85,000 hectares of rainforest in order to preserve it for environmental protection and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Morongy SA (Paraguay), a subsidiary of Morongy AG (Switzerland) and borrower in the CLN, receives financial compensation for the preservation of rainforest through a climate protection program of the Government of Paraguay. Investor funds may solely be used for the purchase of rainforest land, on return an attractive fixed interest rate and a kicker at maturity is provided, while the project actively contributes to rainforest protection and CO2 emissions reduction.


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Asset Class Private Debt , Carbon Assets
Liquidity Best Effort
Goal Capital Appreciation
Theme Sustainability
Product TypeCLN, Swiss ISIN
Min. Investment: CHF 10’000
Maturity5 years

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Investment Highlights

Usage of Credit Linked Note (CLN)

Funds raised via this CLN will solely be used for a secure loan to acquire Paraguayan rainforest. The project comprises 85,000 hectares of rainforest in the Chaco Seco region in Paraguay, there's a potential future expansion of the project area to include up to 200,000 hectares.

Fixed and secured Return

Investors in this CLN benefit from a fixed interest rate of 7.5% p.a. plus a kicker at maturity, a 110% repayment of the principal. Morongy Switzerland & Paraguay securely manage loans and land of the product. 

ESG Relevance

The rainforest land purchased will be included in the government-issued environmental program "Régimen de Servicios  Ambientales", which pays fixed compensations per hectare per year. This program aims to protect Paraguay's natural forests, preserve the absorption of CO2 and empower the government to further enhance its efforts to fight climate change through CO2 certificates. The government acts as counterparty of the environmental program and guarantees the annual installments by law.

General Product Context

Access innovative asset class with the environmental impact

Natural Environment Preservation

Due to the over-harvesting of the forest in the past decades, the rainforest has been exploited to such an extensive degree that now is the time to turn the tide. By making the forest a revenue-generating asset it can be both profitable and sustainable.

Cultural Heritage Preservation

Due to the disappearance of vast amounts of the rainforest, many of the indigenous people have lost their homes and are losing their cultural heritage with it. By preserving the forest not only will we save the natural part of it but also the culture of the local inhabitants. 

The Leader of The Nature-Based Economy

Morongy is a forest investor and manager with extensive experience in Latin America, striving to become one of the world's leading players in the nature-based economy and to be a catalyst with its natural capital solutions. 

Its competency in economic and ecological land-use, restoration and conservation leads to state-of-the-art methodologies for protection, recreation, initiation, acceleration of recovery processes of ecosystems that have been disturbed.


  • Morongy SA has in-depth experience in managing and preserving hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest in South and Central America.
  • The use of the Credit-Linked Note (CLN) to preserve the rainforest in Paraguay makes the product ESG relevant. 
  • Rainforest preservation enables issuance of carbon credits which are part of a worldwide climate program aiming to cap carbon emissions.