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Product Example - Disruptive Tech Portfolio (AMC)

The SVBS 1 - Disruptive Tech Portfolio Certificate (AMC) securitizes a selection of top-tier global early-stage companies leveraging AI, blockchain, and the Internet of Things across industries. Direct access and comprehensive insight into the companies are ensured, they are constantly monitored by our teams, and investor rights are exercised in a meaningful way. 

The AMC is accessible through a Swiss ISIN and paying agent. It has no lockup or fixed holding period. Trading orders for the secondary market are processed on a best-effort basis. Proceeds of the sale of underlying may be re-invested or partially redeemed according to the investment guidelines. 

The portfolio is curated by experienced advisors of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society (SVBS), a US-based 360° strategic advisor for maximizing venture stage portfolio mechanics, and the Digital Waves network, together forming the Advisory Committee. 

Meet The Companies

Asset Class Start Ups, Mature
Liquidity Best Effort
Goal Capital Appreciation
Theme Deep Tech, Innovation
Product Type:Structured Product (AMC), Swiss ISIN
Min. Investment:US$ 10.000
Maturity:Open End

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Investment Highlights

VALUE FROM DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES: The AMC draws from an evolving ecosystem of 20+ startups linked to SVBS and additional independent research to create value from disruptive 21st century technologies, including AI, Blockchain, and IoT.

DIVERSIFIED PORTFOLIO: Start-ups in various stages of maturity, operating in different industries and diversified by regions form a growing portfolio.  

SYNERGIES OF A GLOBAL ECOSYSTEM: SVBS supports AMC's performance by providing participating start-ups with global exposure, access to a network of experts, and long-term growth opportunities. This enables the companies to leverage synergy effects among themselves.

INVESTMENT VEHICLE: The Certificate (AMC) operates on a Swiss International Securities Identification Number (ISIN CH0587418390), with fixed no lockup or holding period and low investment threshold. 

What Are AMC?

Why disruptive tech?

Emerging technologies are the main pillars of the fourth industrial revolution. They include Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Blockchain, which are expected to contribute $15.1 trillion, $14 trillion, and $3 trillion, respectively, to the global economy by 2030.

To harness this treasure, both incumbents and startups are pushing the boundaries of what is possible across a wide range of industries, from healthcare to financial services, logistics and education to manufacturing and agriculture. Accordingly, global funding for AI startups, for example, has grown from $3.7 billion in 2014 to a staggering $28.6 billion in 2019.

Investment in these innovations has been mostly accessible only to venture capital funds. The SVBS1 - Disruptive Tech Portfolio AMC changes this and allows qualified investors to participate in these disruptions via an easily investable Swiss ISIN certificate, with no lockup or fixed holding period.

A Swiss and Silicon Valley based Partnership

The AMC’s strategy is actively managed by Digital Waves and advised by SVBS' seasoned management, venture capital veterans and analysts.

Digital Waves is a financial services provider for the future economy, securitizing innovative assets and providing investment services related to digital assets. Digital Wave Assets AG, the owner of Digital Waves, is a privately held financial intermediary based in Switzerland and regulated by VQF, a self-regulatory organization (SRO) supervised by FINMA.
The Silicon Valley Blockchain Society (SVBS) is a 360° strategic advisor for maximizing venture stage portfolio mechanics, bringing together a wide range of investors on one hand and a plethora of cross-capability experts on the other, in a distributed network called the SVBS Nation. 

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Advisory Committee

The SVBS1 – Disruptive Tech Portfolio AMC will be continuously adjusted, complemented, and rebalanced and future subscription periods will be opened to existing investors on a preferential basis.

The portfolio is curated by experienced investment advisors of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society (SVBS Inc.) and the active strategy managers of the Digital Waves networks.
Louis Bisang, EMBA, MLaw
Chairman at Digital Waves; Senior Advisor, Risk Committee & Head BD Switzerland at Turicum Private Bank; and Board Member at Wealth Management Zurich .
Tobias Straube, EMBA
COO at Digital Waves; Partner at Cambrian Group; Instructor UC Berkeley Executive Education; Co-Founder at Scio Network; and Startup Mentor.
Amit Pradhan
Founder & President at SVBS; Chairman at Zero AI & Rainfall; Advisory Board Member at Arowana Capital; and Board Member at Norwegian Refugee Council USA.
Karl Simmons
COO at SVBS; Former CEO at Gridspeak; Former COO at Viasyn; Former CIO at North Stone Capital; and Former CEO at Cello Development.
Philippe Lucet, LLM
General Counsel at SVBS; Former VP General Counsel at Nestlé; Former Secretary at Nestlé Inst. of Health Sciences; and Board Member at Netcomm Suisse.
David Kushner, CFA
CFA; CEO at SVBS Capital; Former CIO at $50 Bn LA Employees Retirement Association; and Former CIO at $20 Bn San Francisco Employee Retirement System.