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News |31.01.2022

Recommended reads: January 2022

The waves of disruption are fundamentally changing the financial industry. New ways of conducting economic transactions are taking shape – powered by new technologies, applications, and actors. Who better than the thought leaders of these disruptions to contextualize this change and help navigate these evolving opportunities?


In January recommended reads section, we share insights on:
  • trends and theses for 2022,
  • the role of ESG
  • regulatory developments in the space.

Crypto economy in 2022

In terms of cryptocurrency adoption, the year 2021 was a watershed moment, laying the groundwork for future industry growth. In the yearly Crypto Theses, Messari and Ryan Selkis discuss 10 significant blockchain themes and predictions for 2022, including key people and influencers, NFTs, DeFi, DAOs, and other topics. The Crypto Thesis is a great place to start if you want to learn more about Web3, Blockchain, and Crypto and gain insights from the industry’s front lines. Also available as audio.  

Crypto’s environmental impact or the ESG of crypto

Many headlines lead you to believe that blockchain and sustainability are mutually exclusive. While certain consensus protocols have a large environmental footprint, innovations such as the Proof of Stake approach to transaction validation promise to remedy the situation compared to the previous Proof of Work approach. Also, the design of blockchain technology provides a plethora of advantages, including its contribution to a greener, more sustainable financial future. Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera Capital, a major investment firm in the blockchain space, addresses and debunks some of the common myths: “ESG is a little bighorn of Bitcoin sceptics”.

Regulations – what is happening and what should be done? 

China banned crypto last year (again). For observers, this didn’t come as a surprise. However, for the rest of the world, especially the US, the question of regulation is open and can determine the success or failure of cryptocurrencies, making regulatory developments in an important issue. The global report by EY looks at some of the most important regulatory issues relating to digital assets, as well as the most recent developments in each jurisdiction. "How to Win the Future?" by a16z catalyses what policymakers need to do to promote the future of the crypto economy, particularly Web3. And last but not least, the Fed has recently released a report on stablecoins! Worthwhile reading for everyone interested in regulation! 

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