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From traditional strategies to investments in the future economy. Discover our products examples and services to to enhance model portfolios or diversify your investments with alternative and innovative investments.  


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Product Example - Disruptive Tech Portfolio (AMC)

The SVBS 1 - Disruptive Tech Portfolio Certificate (AMC) securitizes a selection of top-tier global early-stage companies leveraging AI, blockchain, and the Internet of Things across industries. Direct access and comprehensive insight into the companies are ensured, they are constantly monitored by our teams, and investor rights are exercised in a meaningful way. 

Asset Class Start Ups, Mature
Liquidity Best Effort
Goal Capital Appreciation
Theme Deep Tech, Innovation

Product details
Product Example - Rainforest CO2 Reduction (CLN)
This product offers the opportunity to participate in a unique and attractive ESG investment project. The credit linked note (CLN) finances the purchase of 85,000 hectares of rainforest in Paraguay with the aim of preserving it for environmental protection and reduction of CO2 emissions. It offers not only a collateralized fixed income, but also access to carbon as an emerging asset class.
Asset Class Private Debt , Carbon Assets
Liquidity Best Effort
Goal Capital Appreciation
Theme Sustainability