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News |01.07.2022

Recommended reads: July 2022

The waves of disruption are fundamentally changing the financial industry. New ways of conducting economic transactions are taking shape – powered by new technologies, applications, and actors. Who better than the thought leaders of these disruptions could contextualize this change and help navigate these evolving opportunities? Each month we compile a selection of articles and contributions in the field of alternative and digital investments.

Today, we share insights and strategic foresights from some of the industry's leading minds on:

  • sustainability of crypto,
  • the value proposition of Web3
  • blockchain’s role in developing continent.  

Crypto and Climate change

Climate change is accelerating faster than the pace at which the global community is currently capable of combating it. Although this has been put into perspective, cryptocurrencies have long been considered harmful to the climate because they consume a lot of energy. So it's time to see what positive contribution crypto can make. The World Economic Forum article states that "Crypto has the potential to help decarbonize unreliable power grids, optimize economic incentives for all, and help countries meet their climate goals." It then goes on to discuss how the crypto business may become a leader in sustainability and introduces the companies working to establish a clean energy economy. 

Why build in Web3 

Web3 refers to the third generation of the internet and is about the paradigm shift from corporations such as Meta or Google to Blockchain-based protocols, which are owned by the users. It promises to unleash a new wave of competitiveness and innovation. Still, we are at the beginning and many wonder how Web3 Business Model work and when they make sense. Harvard Business Review article discusses the new value proposition of Web and the role of blockchain in creating the new decentralized and transparent stage of internet. 

Blockchain in Africa 

South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria have the highest rates of crypto and blockchain adoption in the world, according to the 2020 Global Crypto Adoption Index. The current state in Africa has provided excellent conditions for the rapid adoption of blockchain technology, effectively solving real-world problems. CV VC released the first edition of the African Blockchain Report 2021 to demonstrate the quick pace at which the ecosystem on the continent is evolving and to shed some light on blockchain technology, finance, regulation, innovation, and African start-ups. Time to take a look at Africa! 

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